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Well guys/girls just wanted to say hey and some of you guys may know me from the previous name Down & Out Hunting. This year was a great year for me as i killed my biggest buck to date and we layed down alot of great footage (we recently started to film our hunts). Well today i was faced with probably one of the worst decisions a man who loves to hunt has to face. My fiance came home from work (she is a Physicians Assistant) and she got a job offer to move to Chicago to make more money. Well this would mean i would have to leave me and my families farm behind. (we farm around 6000 acres or corn and soybeans) I really wont have much of an opportunity to hunt, i also work a full time job in Ag. retail as a salesman and i wouldn't be able to work because theres not much Ag. in the city and im just not a city kind of person. I have tried talking to her about it and she can't pass up the kind of money that she is being offered but on the other hand im leaving everything i love and know behind. If anyone of you guys/girls have any advice to throw my way i would very much appreciate it.
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