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From what this article says, the federal judge responsible for interfering with the state regulation of wolf populations is retiring, but "still hearing cases." (whatever that means) Either way the documentary looks very interesting and I'm anxious to see the rest. I wouldn't go so far as to attribute the whole protection of large predators ordeal to "environmentalists." I consider myself to be an environmentalist, but I am an environmentalist that still includes humans as an active part of the ecosystem, and that despite good intentions, we cannot always accurately predict what effect our actions will have on the environment. But there two things that are certain: predators need prey and everything needs a predator; whether it be wolves, bears or Canada geese. And when populations grow exponentially, they can cause permanent damage to their food sources so they have to move to find more food for an even bigger population. Like I say, my guess is that it won't be long before the wolves follow elk herds to the refuge where they're being fed in the winter. The difference between wolves and geese, though, is that it will be a much more serious situation when the wolves make it to the Jackson Hole airport.
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