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Either Marlin or Winchester will do you just fine for a lever gun. I'd go with the 30-30. It's a great all around cartridge that has probably taken more deer than any other cartridge out there and ammo is readily available just about everywhere.

That second golden rifle is the Winchester 1866-1966 commemorative rifle that I picked up to go with my 1866.

It takes time to accumulate them, you're just starting out, don't sweat it, just keep buying when you can and have fun with it, it's a great hobby. There are more lever guns stuck in one of my safes but these were all I had pics of on my computer. Again, I don't collect lever guns (except for the older ones), the others are just the result of deals and bulk purchases I've done over the years. One trick to collecting is to not sell any guns...just buy them. In my 45 years I can count on one hand the guns I have either traded or sold and I regret every one of them. I have a lot of guns that aren't collectible at all, they just happen to be included with ones I did want, but that's cool, I like them all, expensive or not....what can I say...I'm a gun guy.
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