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Originally Posted by travis_ranger2000 View Post
I catch a limit of fish and kept 1 and gave the rest to friends! If the pond or lake is over fished, no one catches any, the same for deer!
So are you telling me you've never fished a body of water that everyone performs catch and release and found the majority of the fish to be stunted? Many lakes, at least in MD and VA encourage people to take small bass for this very reason and have a slot size that you can't keep.

Where I agree with you that I get a rush any time I pass on deer when they're within 50 yards of me, you're generic logic is messed up. On the land I primarily hunt, we are completely over run with does and even bucks. There's not as much farming in the area as there used to be and we are seeing a decrease in the average deer's weight and antler mass. I can't recall how many deer I passed up while others were thinning the herd, but I make it up at the tail end of the season. Six of us have taken a total of 21 deer from about 300 acres (more woods surrounding that as well) and we're still seeing loads of deer. Only time will tell if thinning the does will help gain mass, but I'm willing to bet it will help provide a healthier herd.

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