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Default What knife would you buy on a budget?

I have a Buck Knife with a gut hook and a Schrade Ol Timer folding knife that I carry for field dressing (whitetails). The last couple of years I began processing my own deer and want to get some other knives for boning and such. A friend of mine has a couple of Old Hickory knives that he uses when he was showing me the ropes and they held an edge better then the two knives that I have, plus they sharpen rather easily. I was surprised when he told me he paid less then $10 each for the two knives. I am thinking about getting a couple but I was wandering if there are any other cheap but good knives out there I could look for. I usually kill two deer a year so they won't see a bunch of work but I have quickly learned that a sharp knife works a lot better. I wouldn't mind spending $50.00 or more for a decent knife but on the flip side of that I don't want to spend $50.00 and get a knife that is not as good as the $10.00 knife my friend uses.
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