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Default Make your voices heard

Fellow hunters,

I urge you to write letters and e-mails and make phone calls to local organizations, government departments, and businesses regarding your hunting rights. In today's age, we must make our voices heard as a unified group that is willing to act to preserve what we love. Write letters to magazines and newspapers, call your government representatives, and spread the word about the positive aspects of hunting.

That being said, please take into consideration the fact that you represent all other hunters when you make such contact with people. Please act in a civilized manner. Not only will this provide a more positive view of hunters, refraining from blatant accusations, swearing, and threats will more likely get your opinion heard.

I recently wrote a letter to Fleet Farm asking them to remove the "Buck Wear" apparel line from their stores and website due because of its redneck messages that paint hunters as slobs and drunks in the woods.

I also wrote a letter to the WI DNR asking about the reasons behind the regulations requiring hunters to wear backtags. I offered up what I think is a reasonable alternative and politely asked for some insight to why this regulation applies to deer hunters, but not turkey, small game, and waterfowl hunters.

Please take a few minutes to write a letter, make a phone call, or send an e-mail, but do so politely and respectfully.
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