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Its not the price of the tool/s it the person useing the tool that makes it work or not work for it intended use....A 1200$ bow is'nt going to get ya any closer to deer then a used or older 100$ bow same goes with arrow rests/arrows and sites......Some of us started bowhunting with the old and true Whitetail Bow back in the day and now we are shooting 800-1200 dollar bows with 175.00 sites and 160.00 arrow rest....Why...Because we shoot yr round and like nice equipment...For the person that only bowhunts for a short amount of time a 300-400 set-up is all they really need if they parctice practice practice before deer season..........Besides a 320 IBO bow is'nt needed if your shots are under 30 yrds.......
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