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Originally Posted by tsaxybabe View Post
This is my first year bowhunting (I started shooting a bow in July) and I just started out with the cheapest accessories on my bow. The sight I have right now is just the basic $20 plastic sight with 3 pins. I like the look of the Spot Hoggs (I was looking at the Right on, with 5 pins and the hogg wrap for $125). However, my fiance tells me its a waste of money because the one I have works good enough. I agree, the sight I do have works, but is it wrong to want a better one? It's a pretty good chunk of money to you think I'm better off with the better sight or should I just use the one I have? I mostly just want it for the extra pins, plus they are smaller and brighter and I have heard this sight is almost indestructible. I was recently given $100 as a gift so I have that money lying around. Your thoughts would be appreciated
There are those of us on here that have many sites and rests and do sell them for close to half the cost being we end up with more then we need........
Were is the 100 gift card for ? the reson I ask is that at alot of sport stores that will put older model sites on clearance and if you wait long enough i.e spring/early summer you can get a nice site at a reasonable cost...
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