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hah yea, we have seen ALOT of bucks this year, more then does actually, yea i know its odd. but we just havent seen them at the right time or places, we got a couple decent big boys were trying to get on our property still

and just so yall no and wont have to ask, yes i ALMOST gut shot it, it was quartering to me and a rushed shot sense he was about to pop back into the thicket but the entry hole was right behind the shoulder a little high but the exit was a couple inches back and low, ha

it isnt my first deer but my first buck, he only ran about 30 yards before crashing down, and my for my lil 243, the internal and exit whole was huge i guess thats why he only ran as far as he did

im only 16 and only get to hunt on saturday every week sense not sunday hunting in VA but ill be hunting almost every day of my thanksgiving break
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