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Default How to train a deer-tracking dog

I have a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy which are supposed to be very good tracking dogs, and also good "drafting" dogs, meaning they can pull a cart, etc. After watching my fiance lose two deer when the blood trails tapered off, I want to start training my puppy to help us track deer, and possibly help us drag them out. Please tell me if you have ever trained a dog to track a wounded animal and what is the best way to do it. As for pulling, right now I've just been tying things to him (such as boots, cardboard boxes) and having him pull them around the yard and house. He doesn't mind it and he's very strong. He's only about 15 and a half weeks old right now. I can tell he has a good nose because he is constantly sniffing stuff out like lost treats, MY SOCKS, etc. If there is a sock anywhere in the house, he will find it. He also sticks pretty close by when out in the woods and loves to follow deer trails. His name is Reggie

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