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Default late rut prediction everyones thoughts

being a bow hunter and not being able to hit the wood due to the shotgun season i spent most of the morning reading through some forums. im sure everyones aware of the predictions of this years rut being late due to the rut full moon falling on sun nov21. with it well into the rut who believes this prediction. all the forums i have read through have been the same. all the early post from mid oct most people were in agreement that they were not going to pay attention to it and that they were going to bank on it being the same as it always is form the 4 thru the 12 being the best days. then as the rut started to kick in the post changed. allot of people were starting to agree with the predictions. people that had managed property were not seeing what they normal see. allot of people were seeing the same thing bucks traveling by themselves and does still in groups. i am laid off at the moment so i have spent everyday in the woods and this is what ive noticed. i have seen a ton of bucks this year and they have been all by themselves except a couple of times. you would think that with all the bucks ive seen that you would see them with does. seems to me that they are all still seeking. i personally now believe this prediction is right. just wanted to get everyones thoughts on this and see how its going for everyone else.
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