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Default Frustrated....

Well after hunting hard since the end of September and only seeing spikes , does and fawns , It finaly kicked in yesterday .
For my area at least ..
Yesterday morning around 8 am , I spotted a deer over 600 yards away . After looking thru my 10x42 Nikon binocs I see it was a decent racked buck somewhat headed my way .
After trying a grunt or 2 and a lile rattling he headed my way .
But last time I seen him it was thru some branches abought 350 yards plus . And no shot ..
Today was a little windy and rain but this afternoon around 4 pm the deer started comming out to feed , by 425pm I had 9 does and fawns abought 200 yards in front of me .
The wind realy started to get nasty and gusty again , so they were always looking and nervous .
Well abought 15 min. of light left I looked around and nothing else was comming out .
I then looked right and left on my trail.
I noticed something different on the trail near my old dripper .
Although I did not use anything in it I used a scent drag yesterday afternoon and hung the drag near the dripper .
Well after looking thru my binocs it was a NICE RACKED buck (different ) I grabbed my gun he was only abought 90 yards turned up the power and seen he was looking my way buy his body was facing directly in the other direction.
So I had no shot , He then turn left to go back in the woods instead of the field ( why I dont no ?) I had a quick split second shot at his neck , shoulder area . So I took it .
I herd nothing after the shot, no branches brake of anything .
But it was very windy at the time .
I packed all my things up and headed to where I shot him,( by then it was dark)
I figured I,d see blood or him laying there .
I didnt want to push him so I only circle 4 40 foot or so diameter circles.
It was very dark and I only had my mini-mag .
I did see him or blood .
Kinda sick abought it . I no my gun is not off and I didnt have much of a shot but I dont believe I missed .
Bad thing is Its sprinkling some now and stilll very windy ..
I searched for abought 30 min. or so .
I,m going back in the am . Windy rain or not I,ll be looking for him .
Just hoping hes down and the meat is o.k. , Its 43 degrees now but suppose to be down to 30 over night .
Gonna be a long night ..Hopefuly a shor morning ..
Wish me luck.....I,ll repost tommorow pm...
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