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I believe in reasonable scent control (i.e. not going out into the woods smelling like hell, hanging your clothing outside to dry, just basic stuff), but not “all-out.” Even when you’ve gone thru the rigors of “de-scenting” yourself and your clothing, you still sweat. Your skin still flakes off. You still touch your clothing with your human hands. Your gun, bow, calls and other gear and any oils, etc on them don’t smell like nature. When your nose runs, what do you do, pull out a scent-free hankie out of a scent-free (and noise-free, I’m sure) plastic bag, wipe your nose and put it back in the bag? Dude, when my nose runs in the cold, I wipe it with my glove if it doesn’t get to my facemask first. And I believe my snot doesn’t smell like deer snot.

The point is that you are going to smell like something that doesn’t belong there, no matter what you do. The two buddies I went hunting with this weekend went “all out” with the scent control products, down to the toothpaste, deodorant, body talc (I guess to de-scent your sweat??), etc, etc, etc. I killed two deer (and had many very close to me); they didn’t kill any.
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