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Originally Posted by blackhawk_archery View Post
so would you all think he will come back through? The rut is on and this timber is loaded with action so much so that I wont tell the name of the place.
More than likely he will. I'm not an experienced hunter but recently I've had a couple deer blow and then take off and I seen them the next day in the same spot. One of em was huge but he stayed in the (very) thick stuff both times and I never got a shot. My dad was in a close by stand and shot a little six point the first day I seen him and of course it ran right to me and dropped ten yards from my stand (he didn't put a great shot on it). That big buck wasn't gonna walk out into the open after that though. Secong day I just caught a glimps of him walking about 100 yards down in the bottom to my left.
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