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Default Think its safe to say I may be retarted.

Well I am a bit embarrassed to even tell this one but I feel this needs to be knowin lol,I took the niece out hunting with me ,was sunny but a little cold and we set up on a fallen tree,well here come a 6 point buck he comes in but no shot to many branches he catches wind of us and turns around and walks out of view,so we move to a different downed tree what happens next has still got my stomach spinning so much that here at 8 pm I still haven't touched any supper,it is 3:45 in the pm and here comes this huge 10 point buck wider then anything I have encountered while in the timber he has great tine length as well,he comes in to 3 feet of us and guess what my moron a** does I try to shoot through a hole in the roots rather then wait 3 seconds for one of the easiest shots in the world one where I really wouldnt even need to aim,I dont know what is happening to me I am not a rookie bow hunter by any means,I have over 14 years under my belt but this year I have made every mistake possible its sick.
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