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Your not the only one to have had this happen. As stated above, most everyone has these unfortunate happenings. When I was younger, I had a nice 8pt broadside just inside 30 yds. He had his head down, I drew, he raised his head, and right as i released, he took one little side step that made the arrow hit a little far back. Had he not moved it wouldve been a great shot...we waited a while. Tracked him for hours. Finally we ran out of bloodtrail as it crossed a road and couldnt pick anything up on the otherside. Judging by the bloodtrail towards the beginning he was hit pretty decent but not good enough. I felt so bad I literally cried at the thought of the deer struggling around. It changed me, I still think about that hunt. Can remember it like it was yesterday. Since then I've passed on numerous, NUMEROUS bucks that are bigger than anything ive shot due to less than terrific conditions because if I'm going to take a shot it's got to be lethal, in fairness to the animal.... It happens to the best of us, keep your head up
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