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I still hunt the winds like I normally would because many of the deer that encounter the "ozone" smell will react to it. Its not like all the deer ignore it. If you were a wild animal, any foreign odor will cause a reaction if it's not "normal". Some are curious (especially young deer and does), some just don't like it. Big difference, they don't associate it to human's or danger in that way. Their body language tells the tale and we have documented hundreds of deer reacting in all sorts of different ways. Some deer will walk through it and hardly show any sign of concern at all. Zero get to the point of snorting regardless of their reaction.

They are AWESOME when you head into an area and the winds aren't doing exactly what they are supposed to do - which is very common in areas of agressive topography. Also, with Zero winds or swirling winds we point them downward at a hard angle and they still work awesome. Again, if you knew who I was and how I am when it comes to gear, I won't take ANYTHING into the field that I don't need. Essentials only, and Ozonic's are a part of the package now!
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