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Originally Posted by ol eagle eyes View Post
No weaver rings, I got Warne maxima rings, basically the exact same setup as outlined here: except I got the elite 4200 instead of his 3200 (same 3x9-40 though), same rings, not sure of his bases though but the only ones I could easily find in stock were the weaver extension bases (402M).

I guess my main question is I want to set this thing up right and not sure if I should be loctiting some of the screws and or how critical the tighness is.

My elite is a seperate issue and I'll probably work on it next year.
Well of course, you need to lock tite (blue, not red) everything dealing with a scope mount. Also before degrease.

I like the maximas. Heavy but the only rings I found that could hold my scope on my 460smith. Only thing I don't like about em is, they usualy put ring marks on your scope. Its impossible to to lap the rings due to how they screw together.