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You can believe whatever the heck you want. I've been on-stand for the past 20 days. Haven't been winded to the point of a snort yet. These things are freaking amazing; if you don't want to believe it - then don't. It's your loss.

BTW, you do realize they are 100% garanteed? Buy one, use it (and disprove it ), and return it if you want to really have something to base your opinion on. Right now it's based on your inability to believe there is 1 company out there that actually produces a product that will beat a whitetails nose. Your claims of scientific data have no basis because I can assure you that they do work on a whitetail deer in north america.

WKP Guys, help me out here. This whole thing is getting under my skin in a big way. I WOULD NEVER promote a product didn't work. If you haven't figured out that we aren't the regualar "industry product pimping guys" - then you haven't seen our videos.
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