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Default setting up a scope, Savage 220F

Just setting up my new gun and want to make sure everything is correct this time. A few years ago I bought myself a muzzleloader (the Knight Elite in my sig) and despite the reviews and experimenting with several loads (including those that Randy Wakeman found best) and two things are happening. For one, I am lucky to get a 4" pattern at 100 which I am very dissapointed with, and also from time to time it seems to get way off. I missed 4 deer last year. So this year I am going to try to start from scratch...

Just bought what is supposed to be one of the most accurate deer guns (again) a Savage 220F.

Purchased a Bushnell Elite 4200 3-9x40

Bases are 2x weaver 402M (I think those were the numbers, its the extended 2-piece ones).

Rings I got are Warne medium 1" fixed.

Does this sound like a good combo?

Any advice for setting this up? Which screws am I suppose to loctite, just the bases right? How tight do you all tighten everything, do I need a torque wrench to do it proper?

I plan on setting it up this weekend. I'd like to go to that method where you site it in so that the bullet goes up to 3" high and 3" low and figure out what that range is, if I remember reading right it was something like 160 yards for the barnes expander, anything around there will cover pretty much all my hunting so I like the method of not having to think to elevate the gun or anything like that.
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