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Default Northern Wisconsin 10 pt

I havent been on here much with hunting, school, scholarships and applying to colleges... I shot this buck on October 29 in Ashland County, Wisconsin. Well after putting alot of hours in the stand the last 6 yrs, i finally got a decent one. We had over 200 pics of this 10pt at our stand we call the snowmobile stand, but the week i shot him he disappeared... Dad and i headed up north on a wednesday night with intentions of staying until monday. We had been seeing alot of rubs and scrapes so we decided that we both would sit all day. Thursday i saw enough deer including a 3 pt, smaller 8, and one right at dark. Friday was slow until 5 pm. A nubby that was close to me got nervous and busted out. I stood up and looked behind me and saw a buck coming. He started working some big scrapes and then headed towards me. I watched him for a few minutes until the shot was right. I drew back, released, and gave him the rage. I watched my arrow bury behind his shoulders and he took off. He got 35 yds away, started getting noodle legs, backpeddled and tipped over. When i got up to him i realized this was the 10 pter that we had on camera over a mile away! We named him "feel the burn" because of how far back our stands were that he showed up at, and he lived up to his name with a big body and a 1000+ yd drag!

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