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Originally Posted by okieshooter View Post
Went to check cams after work yesterday and was in a hurry so I left my bow in the truck. After a STEEP uphill walk of about 100 yards I heard leafs shuffling and looked up the trail to see a buck making a scrape. I had a camera with me to check my camera cards with it. My first thought was to take his pic because he had no idea I was there but then it dawned on me to run to the truck and get my bow. I trotted down the hill and headed back up at a good trot and then realized I would be to out of breath to shoot so I slowed down and eased up to where I could see where he was scraping and he was still there. Right on cue he turned broadside and looked my way as I sent an arrow his way. About 40 yards up the trail was the prettiest sight I have ever seen. He has a 9 point frame with split G2's, a 1 3/8 kicker off the back and a 2 inch kicker off the base hooking out over his eye. He has 13 points over 1 inch long. The little bumps that they have around the bases go up to his G2's and even a few on the G2's. Used to if you could a ring on it you could count it so I tried to count the ones that would hold a ring. I quit at 112. He totaled 136 on the 13 scoreable points. Can't get pics to work will try later. I put him on the scoreboard but can't get pics there either. It may be Monday but I will get them up ASAP.
Congrats!! Get the picture up ASAP so I can turn it in to the score thread
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