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Originally Posted by blackhawk_archery View Post
First off nice going on your kills looks like you have had a great season,I dont want to sound rude or anything but are you going to eat these or are you just looking to see how many "kills" you can get? I am not trying to start anything with you just trying to help you understand that the number of kills is not what its about,I am sorry if I am wrong you are much older then me and may have more hunting years under your belt.
No offense taken...
I hunt on a herd reduction hunt property owned by the University of Illinois the majority of the time where #'s are the goal... we have a target goal # of deer that need to be removed from the property to maintain the herd quality and the # of deer that they feel the land can sustain.This # is decided upon by the land owner the University of Illinois.

None of my deer go to waste... We have a freezer of venison and room for more. I have a list of people that want deer and most of them are folks that are feeling the effects of the economy, one whom cant hunt much anymore due to his advanced age and and when he does he isnt to successful anymore etc......

Oh Yeah ... Thanks for reminding me how old I am... Old Women Love it When You Do That
Note the sarcassam
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