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Talking My best buck to date!

Here is my best buck to date ladies and gentlemen and i am pumped!!! I green scored him at 133.9" and if my math is right he has 10" of deductions. So he is around 123.9" give or take some...math was not my favorite. I was hoping he would go P&Y but I'll take him anyday. i got this new piece of property to hunt early bow season but was familiar with the chunk cause I walked it last year with a buddy of mine and he kinda showed me the layout and good trees to climb, cause he had hunted it in the past. So I had work until about 8:00 am and planned on running right to this spot for a morning hunt. I had all my stuff ready to go and when i got out, off i went. I parked the truck got my climber on my back, grabbed my bow, arrows, range finder, binos and off i went. The area i walk in is a meadow with high grass and has a 4 wheeler trail cutting through it. As I got to about 70 yards from the truck i start hearing crashing in front of me so i stop. Out of nowhere a doe comes flying out of this thick stuff from my right, running for her life across this trail i was on. Not 10 seconds later here comes the biggest 8 pt I've ever seen right on her heels grunting up a storm, he looked like a cow with antlers. I dropped!!!

I sprawled onto my stomach on top on my binos and range finder, didnt feel to good. Now, in a panic, im trying to get out of my climber which was strapped tight to my back, get an arrow out, pull my range finder and binos from off my neck and take my bow out of its sling. After about 3 mins (which was an enternity) i got a arrow nocked and came to a crouch looking in all directions for this monster. I could here the doe crashing around in front of me but i couldnt see either of them. Hes grunting and shes running for her life. I started a slow crawl towards the noise and came around this bend in the trail, which opened into another meadow. I still here the doe running but still dont see them. As im scanning the meadow and woods behind it, I see rack! Its another buck bedded down about 35 yards from where I was watching this other buck chase this doe. I sprawl again and then buck fever sets in. hahaha....

Now im back on my belly with my bow loaded and ready to shaking and freaking out trying to close the distance on this guy. Finally after about 30 yards I slowly come back up to see if I got a shot at him. IM PERFECT! hes about 25 yards now broadside but still bedded down. I decide Im not waiting for him to stand im going for it. I draw my bow while down in the grass and come up like rambo, hahaha. I set my 20 yard pin a little high and.....

SMACK!!!! I drill him right through the heart, He ran about 65 yards back towards my truck and i had my hands on him 30 mins later. 133.9" green 10" of deductions. Enjoy cause i sure am. haha Ain't bad for NY.
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