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Default Big Buck Down!!!

Hey everyone,

I took this big guy this past Friday October 29 in WI at 5:00 pm!

Here's the story:

I took off a half a day of work Friday afternoon and got in my stand around 3:15 pm. Temperate was right around 48 degrees out and it was a perfect night to be out in the stand.

At about 4:30 I heard something coming from my right, I look over and it's pretty big buck. As he comes closer, I notice it's the 15 pointer I got on camera last week. My heart starts pounding as he closes the distance. He's about 30 yards away but I cannot get a shot as it's too brushy. He starts to walk off and I hit my can call and snort wheeze and he starts working his way downwind of me.

He gets straight down wind of me and smells the doe pee I had hanging on a branch and is trying to find the doe. He walks within 25 yards through one of my openings and I take the shot. Perfect hit. Arrow went all the way through. As soon as I shot him, I could see blood start squirting out of him. I knew I made a great shot.

He ran into the corn and sounded like a freight train going through it. Then all of a sudden silence. I figured he went down. I call some people to come help and wait about 45 min and we found him about 75 yards from where I shot him. OMG he was huge laying there. I was yelling and going crazy out in the middle of the corn field!

It was a long drag through the corn but way worth it!!!

He scored 160.5", weighed 180 lbs, spread was 17 3/4 inside, and 15 points (13 scoreable)

All the food plots and work I have been doing in the past couple years as been paying off as I shot a nice 10 pointer last year too!!
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