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Default Buck down and lost doe all in one day

Gut shot a doe last night, at least that's what it looked like with the lighted nock and the reaction of the doe. She dropped her hind section, both legs went out from her and she ambled down the hill about 70 yrds or so and stopped in some tall grass with a tree blocking her from my view. A half later at dark I started down the tree and packed everything up so now it's been like an hour or so since I shot her. I went to the POI and found nothing so I started down the hill checking the ground, nothing. I look up and see her eyes looking at me so I back out and go in this morning at first light. As I'm working my way from what I believed to be her path. I see this deer movement out in front of me at 30 yrds. This deer is standing there looking at me quartering to me. Thinking this was my doe I loose and arrow. Deer goes running off. I follow the blood for 65 yrds and at the end of it is this little 5 pt. All I can think is the vegetation, coupled with low light at is was about 7:20am and the size of the rack looking at straight on thru a peep and the quickness of the developing situation is why I did not know this was a buck.He weighed in at 130 lbs dressed sporting a 5pt rack. After talking care of him I went back to looking for the doe. No deal, nothing, no sign, no arrow, no blood, no gut, no nothing. Takeing this buck in no way reduces the pain I feel in loosing that doe. Anyway, here he is:

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