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I'm here and I scored........ Not what I was looking for but took one for the team...

Story to come and will score tomorrow....


So it all goes back to last year. I had a tree stand stolen and it was the stand I shot my buck out of last year. So I had a day off and went to go buy another one. I was a little late on doing this, but the fools who stole the last one didn’t steal the ladder sticks so all I had to do was put up the stand. I got done putting up the stand and it was about 1:30 and I went back to the truck. The stand I just put up was deep in the woods and I wasn’t sure I was going to sit in it that evening. So as I sat in my truck wondering where I was going to sit I thought I would take a quick drive around the property and do a quick scouting of the wood edges. I found a row of scrapes on the north side of the property and the scrape line crossed one of my stands, and the wind was out of the west so I thought who was ever making those scrapes must be checking them. The deer that would be checking them had to be coming out of the woods from the west so the wind was perfect. I got in the stand and sat there and took a little nap, which I love. The corn was down and I know deer wouldn’t start to move into the field until around 3-4ish. About 5:00pm a doe moved under my stand, I mean right under my stand. I was just talking to my wife about deer the other day; I know she just loves when I do so…. LMFAO… But I was telling her how deer give other deer away and you always know how other deer are around or coming by how they act and move. Well once the doe got under my stand she whipped her head around and looked out in the field. I was like what the hell are you looking at. As I turned my head I see a big bodied deer coming down the tree line heading down the tree line for the scrapes. I didn’t have time to look at his rack, but I saw a huge body and bone on his head. As I looked down at my string to attach my release I started to shake a little. I had on big gloves, and was having a hard time getting it on. I told myself to calm down and relax, you have done this 20+ times before, and you are going to blow this if you don’t relax. I got it on the string and when I looked up he was almost to the only opening I have. The good thing is right in front of my stand, down my shooting lane, at the edge of the corn field there is a patch of grass. The only grass on the north side of the field, its wierd because the farmer grows corn there but that spot always has grass in it..... I knew this and placed my stand there for this reason. Well he stopped at the patch so I didn’t have to stop him. Once he stopped I let it fly and it hit him right in the perfect spot. I am just a BOW HUNTER. I am not by far the best in the world, and very rarely hit my deer at the perfect spot. Always a little high or low, or back. But this time I hit him as if there was a bull’s-eye on him and it couldn’t have been any better. I think it was a good shot because not only was it a double lung and heart, but after I hit him he ran into the woods stopped and then just walked away. No running or nothing. I started to worry a bit, but I knew I hit him.. I think he just started walking and died.. The weird thing was that there was a hole on both sides of him. A clean pass through. BUT, the arrow like broke on impact. The veins had no blood on them and I couldn’t find the other half. I have never had this happen before. It’s like on contact the arrow broke but the other half kept going, because there was an exit hole.. Anyway another buck down and meat in the freezer. Cut him up last night and another one to go on the wall…


I am hoping for 120 ish but maybe more like 110 ish

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