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Default Something you can't buy.

So i've been bowhunting for 7 years now. I've shot 6 deer so far and i finally can say i have something that is helping me immensely. You can shoot 100 arrows a day at a 3d target but nothing compares to real life hunting expierences. What i'm speaking of is confidence..i never understood how important this was. But now i've shot enough deer to know i'm capable of laying the smack down on any deer, and i can control my self alot better than i could when i started. So to make this story short, no more small bucks for me. I'm after i big un. I've shot enough does and small bucks to gain confidence. I know i can make that shot on bullwinkle when given the oppurtunity, and knowing that makes me feel alot better. The recent switch to treestand hunting really helps too. As i know i'm alot more likely to get my bow back without getting busted. Anyway just though i'd share my feelings. Those deer i've shot so far were tasty, and they gave me confidence to double lung bullwinkle I'm after some big boys now. Does still beware. Any of you guys hit that point where you have shot enough scrub bucks to only wanna shoot nice ones? This is sort of a stupid post, but i just wanted to let youngs hunters know that after a few deer, and some good shots, you will be ready when a monster walks out. I don't get very nervous now till after i shoot. I shot that doe tuesday, and was watching her run across the pasture and just praying she would drop. And she did. Nothing like watching them fall. Anyway sorry about the rant, but i think cofidence is the most important of all in getting a deer with a bow. Do what you need to do to get it. Then you will be ready when that once in a lifetime opportunity comes I have confidence in my el cheapo bow. So much in fact i might keep it for turkey when i upgrade after the season. I guess its true, you don't NEED a 800 dollar bow to kill deer. Mine kills them as dead as a mathews or hoyt but i do WANT one Good luck all of you folks out there. Happy Hunting
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