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well guys .. .went out tonight, and climbing up my stand with my bow on the ground, when i got to the top i started pulling my bow up, and it was hung on the dead limbs at the bottom of the tree, so i tugged a bit just thinking the limbs would just release and it didnt. so i had to climb back down, and unhang it. i was not reset back up ten minutes, and here comes a doe getting chased by a lil buck. I knew it was going to be good. they run back up the hill, and another doe runs by with three bucks chasing her, but she never brought the boys in close enough to see exactly what they were. about that time to my left, another doe is running in, and behind her is big boy... i drew and shot quartering to at 15 yds. I put it right in the crease, but the shot hit him high, so high the arrow was hanging out above his spine. got down looked for blood and maybe found 8 spots over 30yds, and the arrow only has blood on the fletchings, and that greasy fat on the shaft. I marked the last blood and going back in the morning. So, on the way home i have been replaying the night from the beginning, and thought about that sight hung on the tree. I got home to check my sight, and the sight slid right off the rail. I am sick.... this is him... I will keep yall informed tomorrow to see what i found. Hopefully i hit something on that other side, or hopefully he is fine and already chasing another doe. .... But guys double check those allen bolts tonight on the sights...because you don't want to be feeling like i am right now....

date and time is pic was last night

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