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Originally Posted by TFOX View Post
I am going to disagree with the importance of centershot.A person will never reach their potential if their centershot isn't set correctly.This is a very important part of accuracy and tune.Try to broadhead tune a bow that doesn't have the centershot set correctly.1 thing is for sure,you will have to move the rest to center for them to tune.(if this is where you are coming from then I kind of agree) I can usually get a very good centershot by eyeball.

The other side of this is most don't understand how hard it is to consistently shoot a bow that has the arrow pointed out or in.This means you need to shoot the bow sideways to get it to hit center.This is a very difficult thing to do.I have tried it and I am a decent shot with good form,imagine a novice that doesn't know any better trying to hit accurately and his equipment is VERY UNFORGIVING.Not saying it can't be shot accurately but it is very difficult.

Then we can get into the discussion of nodes to further understand the importance of centershot.Here is what Easton has to say about it.

Very well put together!
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