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Originally Posted by Ben / PA View Post
Regardless of the "rage vs fixed" and "heavy vs lighter" issues in this thread, there are two things that are non negotiable if you want to have optimum performance out of you and your bow.

1. You draw length IS WHAT IT IS. Shooting longer or shorter that what your draw is will cause accuracy problems. In short, don't listen to the moron at the shop.

2. Properly matched arrows in a properly tuned bow, go a long way. If you are too stiff or too soft in spine, you aren't getting the most out of ANY setup. If your BHs aren't hitting with your FPs, something's not right, find it and fix it.

Good luck wading through the BS.
agree 100 % you need a bow that fits you , if it does not fit you your in for headaches , Mr nugets wife shoots a 25 inch bow at 45 lbs and has killed many african game animals with it , going to a bow that is longer on draw , and does not fit you , or is to heavy a poundage for you to shoot comfortably is a trap many archers put themselfs into , with negitive results .
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