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Originally Posted by Ranger77 View Post
so if I use an old rusty Satellite with dull blades sure as hell aint my fault when I don't get good penetration huh ?

you didn't watch a single video I posted did you ? those were GOOD shots - and ultra poor penetration - 1 common factor was they were using RAGE

the design sucks, they are horrible at penetration qualities - and that matters A LOT
No it would be because you are an idiot!!! Lol

That's the whole point... Reading comprehension not your strong point eh???

I've seen all the videos. I've seen tons of non pass throughs on good placed shots... The issue there is obvious lack of energy and momentum in the setup.

The broadhead is designed for large cutting diameter, not great penetration.

Now you could blame the broadhead design on mechanical failure no doubt!

This trend isn't going to change. Do you think the nap bloodrunner design is bad as well if someone doesn't get a pass through??? No. The broadhead is made for a large cut, and to be functional with the least amount of failure possible which also brings more resistance in to action due to the large ferrule...

If the bh deploys and functions as it should, then u can't blame the head for not getting a pass through. Consumers should educate themselves enough to have an idea of what affects are going to come from using certain things...

Btw, please explain why the design is faulty???
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