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Steve, do you deer hunt? The reason I ask is because I do. I actually spend quite a bit of time in the field year-around chasing these critters like they are my pets. For 22 years I hunted without trusting or really using any scent elimination, and got busted alot. Much of this shown in the last 4 videos we made, actually we are the only company that even shows getting winded because we didn't have a scent elimination sponsor and I won't bend the truth about anything.

Since I started using Ozonic's we've reduced the number of times we've been snorted at by at least 75%. Every animal reacts differently, but I'm not an idiot. When a deer is straight down wind, lifts it's nose wiffing big nose fulls of ozone, and continues on its way.... Well brother, don't use them if you want. Doesn't hurt me one bit.

Good luck this season, and be safe!
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