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Originally Posted by thunderchickenfrenzy View Post
I dont know exactly know what my hunting arrow weighs tricked out , but the last time I chrono'd it which was last year I belive it was shooting around 250-260
I'm going to assume that your arrows are in the 360-380gr range. 9.1gpi*26(assuming your arrows are cut about 26")=237gr shaft weight.
100gr tip weight
15gr in fletching(a good average unless your shooting feathers)
8 for the nock
10for the insert
370gr total arrow weight.
You said it chrono'd between 250-260
We will take 255

That puts you in the 54# of KE range.

That is one problem.

You are also underspined with that arrow, which will also yield loss of KE and make a pass through less likely.

If you went up in arrow weight(and shot the right spine of arrow) considerably, to say... a 450-500gr arrow or so you would have MUCH better chances of a clean pass through.

Going up in arrow weight will gain you both KE and Momentum.

Your trajectory will be worse, and your bow will be slower, but it will be quieter, more efficient, and it will be more likely to pass through a deer.

I havent read any of the other posts in this thread, but I will pretty much guarantee that if you take my advice for and go with a heavier arrow, you will see better results with ANY broadhead.

Its not the Rages fault, its yours(no offense, that sounds harsh, but its just how it works)

The only way you are going to make the current setup get a better chance of pass through is to go up in draw weight(which will weaken your dynamic spine making the arrow potential less), or shoot a smaller broadhead. Simple as that.

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