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i shot the muzzy 3 blade the first year i bow hunted and i switched to the 2 blade rage and i swear by them now. i wont use anything else unless i am hunting from a ground blind and i use slick tricks but i havent hunted in a ground blind in 3 years i like being up in the tree. last year i stuck a doe and had a 3 ft wide blood trail to follow. i stuck a doe yesterday the shot was high but exited perfect and had a good blood trail shot a buck 30 mins before i shot my doe and made a liver shot on him only found a couple drops of blood but found him piled up about 300 yards the 2 inch hole that it puts in them sure does a number on them. herd some good things about the blood runners too that would be the only i would switch to personally if i was going to switch. here is the doe i shot last year with the 3 foot blood trail shot her at 35 yards with the rage 2 blade i think you can see the hole in her with this pic
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