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Originally Posted by *twodogs* View Post
How in the hell does either method improve a shooters form or give him more confidence? "Look guys my center shot was lasered in, therefore, I have more confidence than you."

I say with someone by his side, they can help him correct bad form, what is a laser going to do, is it going to say "Stop canting the bow" or is it going to see that he needs to move the rest left a sixteenth? Not too many people are going to buy a bow off the shelf and run out the door without working with the tech, and any good bow shop would never let that happen.
Actually,there is a lot of truth to this mentality and in archery,the mental game is way ahead of the physical ability and equipment.

My son is a naturally gifted archer.Of course I have some advanced knowledge of this game learned through high level national coach with world record students and experience.I talked to this person about coaching my son and he said he would BUT his advice was to buy a couple books and videos from Lanny Basham strictly about the mental side of archery.He said that "I",meaning me could teach him to shoot and all he would do if he took him on was teach him the mental side which he can get from those books.

Don't discount what sits on top of your shoulders.

BUT,you are correct with the rest of your point.New shooters need good guidance.
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