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Poundage of bow is really meaningless especailly when comparing speeds of 2 different bows. You could have have a 60# speed bow shoot faster then a #70 non-speed bow. My bud has an old Martin set at 82# and my 2 year old bow is set and 68#'s and the speeds aren't very close.

Depending on your DL and what poundage you shoot at-- the 300+ IBO rated bows will fine for the mechanicals(generally speaking here). IF you buy anything in the 60-70lbs range and your DL is 27+ and is rated 300+(prob be fine 280+ but who buys a new bow that slow) you will be good to go with mechanicals. Not saying you need to shoot over 300 or near 300 just trying to cover a broad range of speeds/bows.

I shoot a bow IBO rated at 335fps. I have a 30" DL and have bow at 68lbs. I use close to a 500 grain arrow and get pass thru's plus about 6" into the dirt. I honestly never chrono'd the arrow so I cannot tell you what speed I am acutally shooting. I use a 2 blade Vortex BH that opens to 2.5", I will have a hard time finding a traditional head that will do what those BH's can so its not a tuning issue with me its purely performance. I bought some rage this year cause I am having a hard time finding the Vortex brand anymore but I have yet to try them out.

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