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Originally Posted by m.t.hands View Post
if not is there a fix????
If you must move the safety to fire to remove a cartridge from the chamber then there are smiths out there that are approved by Remington to remove the lock on the bolt.

This allows the opening of the action without taking the rifle off the safe position but then you don't lock the bolt while on the safe position......and of course we don't need to run the cartridges through the action to empty the magazine.....just bump them foreward until the more out of the magazine and then dump the rounds into your hands.....

Watch others to see if they do this!!!!

There is one more overriding thing.....practice safe muzzle control.....if the gun isn't pointed at another human when you load or unload then no one will get hurt!

I once had a defective safety on a too would fire when the safety was moved to fire but I hunted with it anyway.....I hunted with the action open! I repaired it later after the season.

There's only one safety on a gun....the one whose hands it's in!

I have several M-700s and if one ever gave me issues with firing when the bolt closed I'd install a Timney the very next day....Fortunately it's never been a problem.

I think there's a lot more to the story than we're being told.
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