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Default rem 700 and cnbc

last night i watched a cnbc special about the "safety" issues with the model 700, and incedents of it firing when the safety was moved to the "off" position and sometimes when the bolt was touched, i know this is not something new but i was under the impression that the issue had been addressed,

I have only had one issue with a gun ever doing anything close to this, another brand and it was the owners fault, extremely dirty bolt, when i bought my last 700 i was under the impression that this isuue had been rectified, i own 4 model 700's and two model seven's....three of the 700's are 60-70's versions and they are fair shooters, my newest it a 96 i believe, i love the newest one as it is great shooter for a factory gun after i had the trigger adjusted to 3#.....

after watching that show i'm more than a little concerned...i don't want to bash, in fact i would love for the issue to be rectifed on all my guns and everyone out there....

so here are my questions???

is there a year that the design was changed to repair this apparent safety issue????

would a different trigger group like a timney fix this????

if not is there a fix????

like i mentioned i love the 700's but i just want to know i am taking every option i have available to me to not experience an accidental discharge

here is an article addressing the issue

once again not a bash and i'd fix everone of mine today if possible, otherwise i'm not sure how much i trust them....
and thats a real shame cause my STW is bad news, and the rest are great guns, but if we have a trust issue its a bad deal
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