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Originally Posted by arrow2512 View Post
I to am starting to feel that way .I guess it's because all i get is small bucks ,if i had a place where i can atleast see or get a nice buck my feelings would change. I only have 25-30 acres to hunt on .I don't like hunting public land to many crazy out there with a gun and by that i mean if it takes off they unload there gun not thinking there might be someone on the next ridge .I hope my feelings change because i know deep down i don't want to give it up. I love being out in the woods i don't always have to get a deer to injoy being out there but it would be nice to get a nice buck.
I suggest lettin the little ones walk and just hold out for somethink better. Besides the work begins after pullin the trigger.
Waiting is far more fun to me.
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