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great post and story. i am 33 and this will be my fifth year hunting. i was raised around hunting as a child but my dad just never was into deer hunting so we were never introduced to it. after my second year me and my brother decided to get my dad a bow for christmas and its been the best gift we have gotten him. he loves bowhunting just as much if not more than we do. ive always been close to my dad but this has brought us even closer. he would have gotten into it with us when we started but didnt think he could pull the bow back. he is 64 now and lives and breathes deer hunting. his only regret is not starting as a kid. he thinks about all the years hes lost but never will forget a day hes spent in the woods. ive had the honor of passing this beautiful sport onto my dad and cant wait to pass it on to my children.
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