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Default Pass it on.

My grand father got me into hunting when I was probably 8 years old, maybe 7. In the state of Wisconsin, you had to be 12 to carry a rifle legally at the time.

I hunted from 7 or 8 till the time I was 12 by doing nothing but being a work horse and a driver for the group (at the time when I started it was my grandfather, two great uncles, some cousins and friends) and I loved every day of it. I remember being so upset once when my mom wouldn't let me play hooky from school to hunting.

I have two half brothers Nick 15 and Dakota 13 neither of which ever were introduced to deer hunting by my grandfather or myself, until now. My brothers and myself were never very close due to me being gone due to split custody between my parents.

My grandfather passed away in September and neither of my brothers ever had the chance to hunt with him. Since then Dakota has wanted to do nothing but get into hunting, so my mom finally signed them up for hunters safety (both brothers and my little sister).

Tonight I got done with work at a fairly decent time so I headed home to pick up my truck, gear, and ground blind. Stopped by my ma's house and asked the brothers if either of them wanted to go hunting. After a little persuasion Dakota, who was in the middle of playing a video game, said he would go along.

Grabbed him an extra camo jacket that was 3 sizes too big and headed out. We got out to some property that I hunt, where I shot my buck last year, and headed out across the field. I think he thought he was going to get off easy, and not have to do anything but he was wrong lol. Made him help carry gear since I had the blind, bow, and other equipment he got to lug my backpack and 5 gallon pales across the 600yard field (he got off easy, I've hauled too many deer up hills half a mile back for my grandfather lol).

We arrived at a spot that I opted would be suitable for us to set up the blind and I quickly had us ready to hunt.

We got set, sat in the blind zipped everything up. I gave it about 5 minutes and hit my grunt call lightly just to see if anything would come out of curiosity. Not even 2 minutes later a doe, came bolting from the adjoining field to the back of ours. Stopped and kept looking back where it had just come from.

The doe then stopped, calmed down and started grazing back the way it came, then jumped the fence and went on its way, I assumed since there's too much brush between the fields, that there were other deer there. Dakota was the one that spotted the doe in the first place, and I think he's hooked. Although we didn't see anything else for the rest of the hunt, I think it was a great experience for both of us. I loved the sight of him 30 yards back though carrying the buckets for us to sit on and the, "slow down" look on his face. Not trying to be mean, just remember the feeling myself lol.

I'm just glad that I'm able to help pass it on. For me this is what hunting is all about, being able to help teach others and preserving the tradition.

So what is hunting to you? Thrill of the hunt? Tradition? Spending time with loved ones that you normally wouldn't get to spend time with?

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