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Default Eye Relief Problems

I just bought a Nikon Monarch 3-9 x 40 on sale at Dick's for $199. Planned to use it to replace Burris Fullfield II, which I was going to transfer to a new gun I bought my son. When I mounted the Nikon in place of the Burris, I can't get the scope close enough to my eye to get a full field of vision in the scope. It is mounted all the way back in the rings, and I have to lean way too far into the gun to get the proper view. Long story short, I took it off and put the Burris back on. Is this normal or can it be a problem with the scope. I'm wondering if my aging eyes (61) are creating the problem. By the way, I have to mount my burris all the way back in the rings to get the right field of view also. I feel like the Monarch has a little bit better light gathering, so I would like to use it if I could... suggestions?
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