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Originally Posted by rynigner View Post
Kinda curious as to why you lasered your Mathews? The shop I worked out we were told by Mathews that you couldn't laser to find center shot... They recommended standing behind the customer at full draw to set the rest. We ended up using a ruler to set the rests close, and explaining how and why it was up to the customer to dial it in minutely...
With my new product, you can either square the Dual laser jig to the bow or you can square it up to the top cam or wheel, from all the test that has been done with the "TRUE SHOT" one way or the other always sets your arrow perfect or real close. I have Lasered in both of my personal bows and they are deadly right off the jig. In the yrs past shooting a short fast bow it has always taken forever to get it tuned, now it takes me 5 mins to set my nocking point, laser in my arrow, and shoot in my sights from right to left. Back to the Mathews, it shoots perfect being lasered in!
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