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I'm not sure what science you are using, but Ozonic's works! From the first night I used Ozonic's, I've been a believer. This coming from someone who wouldn't even use one until an industry friend brought them to me to use for a night during velvet footage.

They work - PERIOD! I've got my whole team using them now and the text messages and emails I get pretty much say it all. They work, deer don't smell human downwind when set-up properly. They sure smell the ozone (which we have shown on video time and time and time again), but they don't react like it's human scent (because the ozone has destroyed the human scent profile enough to fool them).

You can believe what you want; but Ozonic's offers a 100% money back guarantee that backs up what we say about them! Use it, see if it works, if you don't believe it works, send it back for a full refund. That's pretty much the only guarantee in the scent elimination marketplace like it!
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