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Originally Posted by BarnesX.308 View Post
How about rattling or a grunt call? Same as a decoy. You might be pushing it a little.

If you were fishing in a no-bait tournament, would they DQ your lures because you are altering what the fish would naturally do?
I dunno, can you spray some kind of attractant on the lures? I'll tell you what, I've caught a lot more fish on lures than on food bait. But using fishing as an example is kinda apples to oranges. The fish are in the water. You need something to get them out. Deer are in the woods and fields. You can be in the woods and fields too. And you can shoot them. It would be pretty tough to spear fish except in very shallow water. And good luck with a fishing tournament where everyone's doing that.

I'm not trying to get nit picky on semantics. If you want to get picky about it, if you use "bait" as a noun, then it is technically food. If you use "bait" as a verb, then it means to entice and lure. Kinda like when you talk about a chick that's trying pull you in...she's "baiting" you. Kind of a good analogy, don't you think [ESTRUS]?

What I am basically trying to say is that, to me, there is very, very little difference between baiting and luring. You might say, "Well, what about timed feeders?" Or, "You can put a lot of food or a salt lick down and it will last for a long time. Rattling or using scents happens in the moment." Valid points, but there ARE timed mocked scrapes and other things. But , in a way, you're still pulling one over on a deer by putting things that don't go there, there. And they're falling for it.

Again, I'm not saying I agree or disagree with any one method...that isn't the point. But it DOES burn me up when one hunter who uses one form of LURE or another hypocritically thumbs their nose at another hunter for using another form of lure. Or bait. Or whatever.

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