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Originally Posted by bigbulls View Post
Why would you need to draw the bow to mark where you are going to install a loop? There is absolutely no reason to at all. If you tie a loop at the true center, which is what this will do if I am underastanding correctly, of the string at full draw you are going to tie it about 2 inches too low.

Have you ever tried to draw a bow with out any nocks on the string? The release will slip straight to the cam before the string gets 8" back.

I honestly think you are making setting a bow up far more dificult that it should or needs to be.

Set you rest so that your arrow crosses the berger button hole. Slide the nock und of the arrow so that it is 1/16th of an inch nock high. Mark the string with a sharpie above and below the nock and tie a loop.

I understand that you are coming up with new ways to do things and inventing new products but you are honestly turning a simple 5 minute job into a chore.
bigbulls, why is that (red text above). Like I said, i'm not a techie, but my pea-brain can't wrap around why the nock is low when centered at full draw. I've always tied my loops on the same way you described, which is likely why I don't understand the 2" low.
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