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ive been reading alot about the h&r and also that 220f. im really liking the savage.. i have the model 93r in .17hmr and i love that gun. ive always been a remington man but i really like those accutriggers. by next gun season i hope to have a 220f. with the rate these slugs are improving 200 yards wth a 20 ga is no longer a dream. currently i have my remington 870 express set up as a slug only gun. i have the hastings 24" barrel and leupold mount and nikon 3x9. i would like to get the barrel pinned and thought about sending it to tar hunt for the conversion but i figured ive already bought the barrel and mount and no sense wasting the money. i finally found some slugs it liked and dropped a 200# buck last season at 170 yards with the setup with a single 3" winchester sabot. the xp3 didnt want to group for and i assumed it was because i was shooting a 2 3/4 in a 3" chamber. the sst out to 150 grouped well for me and that surprised me being 2 3/4. but this 220f looked real nice and im itching to add it to the collection
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