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Had a great night last night. I didnt have much action until an hour before dark but then the action started happening. I had a basket rack 8 pt come in at 10 yards downwind and never knew i was there and following him was a very mature 9 pt that came within 15 yards so i decided to shoot him. I hit him a little back and he ran off. We waited a few hours before we went and tracked him. Started off with a good blood trail then it dissapeared so i started to walk in the direction he was headed and when i was starting to get discouraged i looked over a hill and there he was laying dead. He went about 125 yards from where he was shot. After field dressing him i noticed i caught the very back of the lung and liver with my arrow. He ended up weighing 275 lbs live weight and im guessing he's atleast a 4.5 yr old deer. Hes the biggest bodied deer ive ever shot. I kno i dont have pictures with the post yet but I had to go back to school this morning so i dont have the pictures on me at the moment because it was midnight before we were done with him and i had to get up at 5 and drive 2 hours but they will be on here later today. I wont be back home until friday, so i cant give you an offical score until then but he should score in the low 130's.
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