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Default if your a tru hunter dont do it, onley if you eat the fish

I am a bow hunter and wonít kill anything that I wonít eat or that can be given to others to eat. I understand the Asian carp are a problem but it seems to me guys are bow fishing just for fun. Is this good Hunting ethics to kill a common carp just for fun? I think not if youíre not eating it or giving it to others to eat then it wrong and other hunters I know fell the same way,. Their are those that will say common carp eat bass eggs and destroy bass habitat but nun of this has ever bin proven and new study suggest itís all misinformation. Bass eat carp and man takes out the bass and eats all the predators now that the number of predators are low the carp get the balm the same thing happens in polluted water the carp survive and the other fish donít, wan bass anglers see all the carp and no bass they balm the carp. Itís wrong to kill for fun and thatís what most of those are doing wan that kill common carp with a bow unless you are eating them you must think about this, the Asian carp on the other hand are a problem and you are doing sum good by taken them out. The carp I am talking about are not the Asian carp thay are common. I hunt for food and enjoyment and what I kill gets eaten by me and others. I will never kill just for fun and I think Bow fishing is giving Bow hunters bade rep. If your bow fishing just for the sake of shooting sum fish and calling it practice or fun and just living the carp to rot then you knead to think about this and cheek your self. I also seen sum photos of guys with rays, did you eat those ray? If not you killed gods creations just for fun and not for food, thatís not the way he planed it

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